Buttontapper Challenge: Day 6

Start Doing – What are some things you want to start doing this year?

This had better be a short list since I already have more on my plate than I can handle. Thankfully, tomorrow’s topic is Stop Doing, which should be longer.

Taking up this challenge is an example of one thing I want to start doing–or more precisely to restart doing: write every day.

I got out of the habit of writing regularly last year. Instead, I set a reading goal and I let that get into the way. Even more disturbing:  I let the goal of reading a specific number of books replace reading specific books.

That gets to a second thing I want to start doing: be choosy about what I read.

I want to describe in one sentence why I plan to read each book and know that those around me won’t laugh at the reason.

That’s it. Making a list of things I plan to start doing is just too similar to making New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve already explained why I don’t do that.

photo credit: Hello I’m Nik

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