Buttontapper Challenge: Day 6

Start Doing – What are some things you want to start doing this year? This had better be a short list since I already have more on my plate than I can handle. Thankfully, tomorrow’s topic is Stop Doing, which should be longer. Taking up this challenge is an example of one thing I wantContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 6”

Book Review: Police

Police, the tenth and final book in Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole detective series, tells of the Oslo Crime Squad’s search for a serial killer who is targeting them, specifically police or former police who were involved in the investigation of cases that were closed without being solved. The public are outraged at the lack of progress inContinue reading “Book Review: Police”

Eight-Week Challenge: Week Five Results

How Am I Doing? Hooray! I have much progress to report on this week. As a reminder, here are my goals for the eight-week challenge: eat more nutritious food with fewer empty calories, spend one day a week reading the backlog of magazines sitting on the end table (changed to read an average of five magazinesContinue reading “Eight-Week Challenge: Week Five Results”

Book Review: Call the Midwife

Jennifer Worth’s first volume of her trilogy covers her transition from nurse at a regimented and hierarchical hospital to midwife in a convent where lay nurses work side-by-side with their cloistered, religious sisters in the docklands of the East End of London in the 1950s. She arrives at Nonnatus House convinced there is no GodContinue reading “Book Review: Call the Midwife”