Buttontapper Challenge: Day 31

31. Lessons Learned – Tell us what you learned this month, from examining your goals, dreams and behavior. What will you do differently next month? First lesson: The only way I got as many posts done as I did was that I started ahead of time and scheduled posts into the future. The reason: I received aContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 31”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 20

20. Notable Quotable – Share a quote that inspires you! The quotes that most inspire me come from women–no big surprise there. They come from women of color, though I am not one. But that should be no surprise either since inspiration comes from those who have overcome the biggest challenges. And I come fromContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 20”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 16

16. Partners – The buddy system worked in grade school, so why not now? Who’s your buddy for accountability, inspiration, or motivation? I hate to admit it, but I don’t have a partner to keep me accountable. Do you want to be my buddy?   Photo credit: Katie Treadway

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 14

14. Accountability – Let’s get accountable: share your goals for this week! Since it is a new year, there are a number of tasks I try to complete before the end of each January. I’ll try to knock two of them out this week: Create 2018 folders for the filing cabinet for those reports and notes thatContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 14”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 13

Mentors – Do you have any past (or present) mentors? Tell us a little bit about them! While I have always sought to learn from the examples of others, I have never had a discussion with anyone where the word mentor or mentoring was used, except in the world of Toastmasters. Am I too old for a mentorContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 13”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 12

Coaches – Who are some of the people who have coached you to success along the way? Answering this question could take some time. And will be long. There are so many, though I’m sure not all the people I’ve learned from would consider themselves my coaches or even know they passed on lessons. Mom andContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 12”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 11

Digital or Analog? – Are you more into digital or analog systems for keeping up with everything in your life? Why? This is a no brainer. Digital all the way. That’s why I tried the Fitbit. I had hoped it would capture the information on my activity so that I wouldn’t have to keep up transferringContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 11”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 10

Tools – What kinds of tools do you use to help with your self-improvement goals? I’ve tried a lot of tools. Everything works for awhile. But none do the work for me. For tracking my heath, I’ve tried the following: Pedometers and Fitbit for tracking activity related to health goals. Building a 0-5-10-25 spreadsheet using dataContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 10”

Buttontapper Challenge: Day 9

Motivation – Where do you find your motivation on days when it’s hard to keep pressing on? I look at my husband, whether he’s awake and reading a book, or asleep in the bed or on the couch napping. I look at him and that always brings me a smile. I look at our sonContinue reading “Buttontapper Challenge: Day 9”