Buttontapper Challenge: Day 11

Digital or Analog? – Are you more into digital or analog systems for keeping up with everything in your life? Why?

This is a no brainer. Digital all the way.

That’s why I tried the Fitbit. I had hoped it would capture the information on my activity so that I wouldn’t have to keep up transferring information to my spreadsheets manually. But it wasn’t successful. Maybe I wasn’t patient enough.

That’s why I use Goodreads to help me track not only my reading activity but my reading goals (though I won’t join in their challenge this year because that sidetracked me last year).

That’s why I decided to increase my use of Google calendar instead of buying a notebook to use for journaling and goal keeping. If I have to pick up a physical thing or two–notebook and pen–in order to track my thoughts, I’ll have to keep them with me all the time. I’m already keeping my phone with me all the time. I don’t want to have to lug more stuff than that.

So, I’m digital. All the time. Enough said.

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