Buttontapper Challenge: Day 3

This Year’s Plans – What have you got planned for 2018? Show us some pictures of your planner!

I have one big event planned and one goal I hope to complete in 2018.

The big event is a trip to Norway with my sister. We won’t be taking a typical tour package. My sister has already been to Norway once, so I wanted us to see something new for her. Together we decided to travel to see the Norway our ancestors came from. Since they didn’t all come from the same region, we choose a logical path which will include Oslo, Lillehammer, and Røros, areas where we know our ancestors lived, with the addition of Trondheim on the west coast, the town where the King and Queen of Norway were crowned in the twentieth century and where first King, then Saint, Olaf was buried in the eleventh century. We’ll miss seeing one area of our ancestors, Hallingdal, as it is too far south for us to include.

In order to keep focused on what we hope to see on our trip, I used Pinterest to create a Dream Board for 2018 with a section titled “Norway.”

My big goal for 2018 is to complete the first draft of my work in progress, The Friendship Code, a novel loosely based on events from my two years of living in Iran, though my main character is much smarter than I ever was, and she therefore was able to make more meaningful connections with Iranians in order to learn more quickly what is required to get along.

The second section of my Dream Board 2018, labeled “Success,” includes motivational quotes and images of authors I admire or whose success is worth emulating.

Watch for more about this Dream Board and my goal tomorrow, Day 4 of the Buttontapper Challenge.


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