Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeIt’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group Wednesday. And this is my second post since joining.

Last month I mentioned I was working on a synopsis of my memoir. It’s better, but not yet final, still on the back burner, not out of mind, but out of sight for now.

Instead of continuing to plug away on it, I’ve been spending time rereading my journals and going through photos to bring buried memories to the surface. Last month I completed a four-week course with Judy Reeves on “How We Got Here from There: Exploring and Writing Memories for Memoir or Personal Narrative” at San Diego Writers, Ink. Judy had us bring in photos and objects to use as writing prompts, all in order to help us uncover memories. The results from the many talented writers in the group were amazing. All the pieces I wrote for her class have found a place within my draft memoir.

Now I just need to get my pants into the seat of my office chair more regularly and get to work.

At the beginning of the year I started out with the best of intentions to sit down first thing each day to get my writing done early. I even set up my office with a white board right next to my desk to keep my goals and deadlines where I couldn’t ignore them. But there are too many other things that also vie for that time slot–getting my daily dose of walking in, for example. And that desk is now so covered with stuff I don’t want to work in it. Instead, my laptop sits on the coffee table in the living room so that I can pick it up at any time without having to leave the couch. I know this isn’t the best arrangement, but it’s so much easier.

What is your best writing time? writing space? writing rituals?