Holidays Around the Country: US Coast Guard Day

This post breaks with the theme of international holidays, but it is in line with the theme of little known holidays or observations. August 4 marks US Coast Guard Day each year. The Coast Guard is one branch of the US military, charged with protecting our waters and shorelines, that is rarely in the newsContinue reading “Holidays Around the Country: US Coast Guard Day”

Holidays Around the World: Canada’s Independence Day

Canada observes its independence day in the same month we do in the United States. Theirs is earlier, July 1. The date is only one difference between the significance of independence days of these neighboring countries. Where in the US, we observe July 4 as the anniversary of our announcement of independence from Britain, trueContinue reading “Holidays Around the World: Canada’s Independence Day”

Holidays Around the World: International Workers Day

I wouldn’t be surprised if most readers think of May Day as either a day to leave a basket full of flowers and treats on the doorstep of someone special or as a day of military parades down the wide streets of Moscow. It is both of those things. But those military parades in countriesContinue reading “Holidays Around the World: International Workers Day”