#10 Do you know what indie authors must do for themselves?

Yes. Continue with #11.

No. An indie author must be prepared to handle the following or to hire someone to handle them.

*Obtain ISBNs for each version of the book: hard cover paperback, ebook, and audio book.

*Engage a professional cover designer. The same design can be used for both hardcopy and ebook, but an audio book requires a separate square design.

*Engage a professional copy editor. This is necessary even if a developmental editor has reviewed the book. I offer copy editing and proofreading services. I hope you’ll think of me when you reach this stage.

*Engage a professional book interior designer. The layout for the hardcopy book may not work for the ebook. Don’t assume one design fits all.

*Engage a professional proofreader. This last review should catch errors that may have been introduced when the copy edits were incorpoarated or overlooked at the time of copy edit. This step is especially important for nonfiction books with tables, graphs, figures, indexes, bibliographies, footnotes, and endnotes.

*Consider whether you should engage a professional indexer (for nonfiction in particular).

*Line up Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) reviewers.

*Engage professional web designer for marketing and publiity. Your website should be the place all marketing efforts bring potential customers to make the ask to buy the book.

*Line up Launch Team members to promote the book in advance of book launch and to amplify your efforst after the books hasl launched.

*Go back and review #1 through #9.

Continue with #11.

Featured image credit: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

2 responses to “#10 Do you know what indie authors must do for themselves?”

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