A to Z Blogging Challenge Reveal

Each year the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild puts out a call to its members to submit poetry, short stories, essays, or other creative writing for its anthology, The Guilded Pen. I have been fortunate to have a piece included each year since I joined the Guild in 2013.

This year’s anthology will be the Guild’s tenth, and to celebrate, the theme this year is The Power of Ten. Reflecting that theme, each submission must include the number10 or the word ten in the first sentence.

For the A to Z Blogging challenge this year, I plan to provide a set of A to Z first paragraphs to meet the Guild’s submission requirements, posting one each day of April, except for Sundays. Some will be first paragraphs for possible short stories or memoirs, some for essays, some for nonfiction reporting. All will include 10 in the first sentence. With only one exception, the topic of the posts will be places around the world, some I’ve lived in, some I’ve only dreamed of living in. Some of the first sentences will be a bit tortured to fit in the word or number ten. I hope what follows will provide enough of a temptation for you to want to read more.

I invite readers to share with me which of these beginnings you’d like most to see me develop to submit to the Guild’s anthology this year. The submission period ends May 31, leaving me a month to refine one or two pieces.

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