Gantlet Vs Gauntlet

Medieval gauntlet by fullon2012, on Flickr

Medieval gauntlet” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by  fullon2012 

I recently wrote a piece in which I compared driving in a country as “running a gantlet.” My reviewers all said they thought I had spelled the word wrong. But I was so sure I was right. I had even looked it up in a dictionary (I can’t say “the” because I don’t know which one I used). I knew “gauntlet” referred to armored gloves worn in medieval times.

So imagine my surprise when I tried again today and I found this result on THE dictionary (Merriam Webster):


And then presented me with this result:

gantlet vs gauntlet

Have I become a language snob by trying to use the historically correct variant? What do you think?


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