Writing Your First Draft Resources

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*Look for a writing coach. Other terms for people who help authors get their books written, published, marketed, and distributed are book coach and book shepherd. These people may also offer writing coaching services, but be aware of the differences among these categories and make sure you identify the services you want before engaging anyone for their services.

*Outline your story and get feedback from people you trust. Don’t rely solely on family members and friends who are likely to say it’s terrific. Find some people you know who don’t mince words and ask for their opinions. Successful authors need to accept criticism gracefully. Getting used to it before the first manuscript is published is excellent training.

*Read books on writing. Here’s one list to consider starting from that includes several of my favorites.

*Sign up for newsletters from others who are dedicated to helping authors. Some of my favorites are Judy Reeves, Jane Friedman, Author Imprints from David Wogahn, Starting from Zero from David Gaughran, and Josh Bernoff’s Without Bullshit. Several of the resources I’ve linked in this series are from these sources. Check out their websites and sign up for their newsletters.

Featured image credit: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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