Magazines Accepting Submissions

A number of resources provide timely information about magazines and publishers that are seeking submissions. Some have newsletters you can sign up for to get messages as the submissions open. Following are some starting points for your search for a magazine or publisher for your writings.

*Authors Publish offers a newsletter to subscribe to. About half of those messages list publications seeking submissions, most of them timely. Sign up to receive their nearly daily messages. Authors Publish also offers online writing classes.

*67 Publications with Open Submissions for Nonfiction. This list is from Jyssica Schwartz‘s blog on the Medium platform, Write Out Loud, is dated 2020, so it is likely most of the links are still current. Of those listed, I found one link that has no content, for The Introspectionist. It still lists itself as coming soon. All other links to the individually listed publications are current.

*77 Publications with Open Submissions for Short Story and Poetry. This list, also from Jyssica Schwartz, is from 2019, so some of the links may be out of date. Use it as a starting point to find out more about the publications. Several of these also offer the option to subscribe to their newsletters. Of those listed in this post, one, The Fiction Pool, has closed. Several links from this article are broken, but a quick search located working links for the following replacements:
*Flash Fiction Online:
*Recommended Reading by Electric Literature:
*Cicada Mag:
*Levee Magazine:
*The First Line:
If you find other broken links where the website is still functioning, look around on the site to see if they have changed their submission guidelines or submit links.

*9 Literary Magazines for New and Unpublished Writers/. This list is from 2014 and may no longer be accurate. The links for three of them, Armchair/Shotgun, Boulevard, and Bateau Lit Mag, are broken, though I found a current link for Boulevard, Being on this list does not mean the publication is accepting submissions at the moment. You may have to go back to check on each one to find the submission open period.

Once you have researched the publications and identified those of interest, consider putting information in a spreadsheet to keep track of their individual submission periods, preferred genres, submission links, and your list of pieces submitted to each to maintain the current information in that form. An example spreadsheet, linked below, can be downloaded.

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