Editing Services

Seven years of teaching English to speakers of other languages followed by seven years working as a software engineer and thirty years working for the US Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer and contractor brought me the discipline to write grammatically, concisely, and to the point. These skills serve me well when I edit works by others.

Living abroad for most of my working years also introduced me to cultural differences that required honing communication skills to avoid misunderstandings that potentially have significant consequences.

My editing work is based on

  • Chicago Manual of Style for grammar and punctuation and
  • Merriam-Webster for spelling.

I also offer beta reading and manuscript review services for those looking for assistance at a developmental level.

The estimate of the cost for copy editing or proofreading will be based on my review of ten pages of your work, ideally in Microsoft Word, and your deadline. I will return a Track Changes version to give you a sample of my editing style along with a quote for the work. Rates are always based on word count, not hours of work, so you’ll know the cost up front.

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